LASIK Eye Surgery Costs And Considerations

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Glasses can be a pain and a lot of people are eager to find an alternative. LASIK eye surgery is one option that appeals to many people. Two of the most common questions that most people have about LASIK isjust how much will it cost and will insurance pay for all or part of it. As a long time glasses wearer myself, I had frequently considered the LASIK eye surgery costs before pursuing the procedure. So, I can certainly relate to the often asked questions about what LASIK costs.

LASIK surgery generally runs just over two thousand dollars for the basic treatment. This is per eye, which is the common method for quotation. Most doctors offer a set price now that includes all additional testing and related treatment. Make sure your LASIK quote includes both eyes and everything involved. This is where most people run into trouble, as they don’t account for the additional hidden expenses. This can be particularly common with the advertisements that often seem to good to be true. Naturally, many people struggle with the idea of coming up with a few thousand dollars per eye. Though, having LASIK may pay for itself after a few years because you will no longer have to purchase glasses and/or contacts.

Be cautious when you see an advertisement for low cost LASIK because these advertised prices do not always include all of the testing and service you will need – those costs will be added on later. Make sure you read the fine print of these offers. It is most common for today’s reputable doctors to offer a set price for both eyes and all related tests and treatments. There are cases where an individual needs a more extensive surgery and those prices can be as high as four thousand dollars per eye.

People also often wonder if LASIK is covered in part or completely by medical or vision insurance? The answer to this lies with your insurance provider, but in most cases LASIK surgery is not covered by insurance. Most insurance companies consider LASIK to be a cosmetic and unnecessary procedure, for that reason they do not cover it. This line of thinking really doesn’t make much sense as future costs to insurers will outweigh the higher short term LASIK eye surgery costs, but that’s the way our health care system is currently run.

You do not necessarily have to pay for LASIK upfront though; financing options are available. Good credit is required to qualify for financing for your surgery. Keep in mind that new loans can affect your credit rating; be sure that financing is right for you before going ahead with it. Like anything else when it comes to financing you should not be purchasing anything you cannot afford, even if it means fixing your eyes.

Choosing the best doctor to do your surgery is also very important. Some doctors may offer lower prices, but they may not have the best reputations. A doctor that had slightly higher prices and a better reputation may be worth the extra cost. Saving a few dollars is not worth risking your vision. Find the best doctor for you is important since LASIK surgery is not without its risks.

LASIK is very tempting for people who just cannot wait to get rid of the glasses they have been forced to wear for so many years. There is more to consider than just the LASIK eye surgery costs. It is an exciting idea to have the opportunity to see normal like everyone else. Just be careful not to rush into LASIK without getting all of the facts first and weighing all your options.

LASIK Surgery Cost Considerations

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If you are going to be getting LASIK eye surgery you should know what you are paying for. Your LASIK surgery cost will be based on a number of factors. These factors will contribute to what you’ll have to pay to get perfect vision.

The technological process that will be handled for the surgery is always important. An older technology will cost less money. One example is the microkeratome blade process that uses a blade for handling a corneal flap. This is a lower end process that can cost around fifteen hundred dollars per eye.

More advanced and newer technologies will cost up to five hundred dollars more per eye. One example of this is the wavefront system. It works with lasers only and with no blades. And it’s very accurate,  charting a three dimensional map of the eyes. This method has its advantages making it a more advanced option for surgery and as a result it will cost more.

Your surgeon can have an influence on costs too. This most commonly comes from the amount of experience that the surgeon has. Less experienced people will charge less for their services. Those with more experience are often more expensive, naturally. Those who have more training and are popular can be especially expensive.

The evaluative measures that are used for your surgery can add to your cost. Evaluations can work for mapping out your eyes before your surgery. They can also work after the surgery to see how your eyes are responding. All of these evaluations are used to see how your eyes will be able to handle the surgery. Each doctor has different schedules and costs for these evaluations.

Various medications are often needed at times for the surgery.  Post operative care and medications should always be considered. Eye drops for after the surgery will be required. The use of these services and materials will add to the overall costs. Certain medications for your individual situation may represent costs that are often not expected, so makes ure to include them as well.

Your LASIK surgery cost can even be influenced by the location of your doctor. Surgical offices can be in various places, but some offices have higher rent costs than others. As a result an office will charge you a fee for using its office area for your needs. You will have to pay facility use charges for your surgery. These charges will vary according to the rent costs that the office has.

The last factor deals with royalties that surgeons pay to manufacturers of surgical machines. Companies generally require surgeons to pay royalties for the use of their materials for LASIK surgery. The surgeons can continue to practice what they do as long as they pay their royalties. These are often responsible for and contribute to the higher LASIK surgery costs.

All these factors ultimately influence what LASIK surgery will cost you. You will have to pay based on the technology, experience,  procedure and your unique needs. Make sure that your quote is all inclusived so that there are no unexpected surprises. Your LASIK surgery cost should include any pre and post operative needs in addition to the procedure itself.

What Does LASIK Cost?

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If you are considering corrective eye surgery you will want to start by finding out how much does LASIK cost? LASIK surgery can allow you the freedom to put down your glasses and contacts permanently, but there are costs and risks associated with having the procedure completed.

While most people associate LASIK eye surgery as a simple procedure that can cure your vision issues, you should be aware that there are different types of procedures to choose from, which may influence your decision. Most people defer the two basic types of surgery as blade based and bladeless. InterLase is the new technology that allows the physician to reshape the cornea without any kind of blade. Microkeratome is the procedure that is completed with a small incision along the cornea.

While prices can swing up and down from one ophthalmologist to another, most people can expect to spend between $1,700 and $3.000 per eye when they opt for this procedure. Each eye is treated as a unique entity. Whenever you talk with an eye surgeon about the possibility of LASIK eye surgery, you should anticipate that each eye will be treated, and quoted, as its own procedure.

When you are discussing the potential risks and potential advantages of having LASIK surgery done, it is significant to point out that most patients respond better to the bladeless procedure. However, there are patients that for one reason or another will actually respond better to the bladed version of the procedure. Since there are some advantages to each type of procedure and there are disadvantages to each procedure it is important to discuss what is best for your eye health with an experienced professional.

LASIK procedures are based on the ability to reshape the cornea which changes the way light is refracted inside the eye. Depending on whether you have astigmatism or other eye issues, you may or may not have the same options as someone without any eye health issues. Only a professional can determine such things.

Be a bit wary of advertised prices for LASIK that seem extremely low. While these offers can be tempting, they are often based on the price of only the process of fixing a single cornea and are advertised without any of the other associated costs, such as the office visit, medications, and follow up visits. Even with a very low advertised price there is a very high likelihood that you will end up paying more overall.

The quality and abilities of your surgeon is extremely important. While we tend to believe that LASIK surgery is a run of the mill procedure, saving a little money to put your eye health at risk is generally not worth it. Choosing your procedure is wisely is just as important as choosing your LASIK surgeon wisely. Some fluctuations in pricing are normal, but a significantly reduced cost can be a warning sign.

Understanding what you can expect LASIK cost can help you determine if the overall result is worth the price. Since most people with glasses or contacts have continually deteriorating vision, the LASIK cost is still often a much more fiscally reasonable way to go about correcting your vision.

Evaluating The Cost Of LASIK Eye Surgery

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If you are wondering about the cost of LASIK eye surgery, it does differ somewhat according to where you live. The cost also depends on the surgeon’s experience and the technology that he will be using. A final factor is the amount of correction that will need to be done on your eyes.

The bottom line is that the cost can vary anywhere for five hundred dollars to twenty-five hundred dollars per eye. Of course, you should not choose surgeons based on cost alone. Lower costs may mean a less skilled surgeon or one who is using less precise equipment.

LASIK runs a little more in metropolitan areas that it does in some other areas. Part of the reason for this is that doctors working in metropolitan areas must have the newest technology to remain competitive. Even with this variation, the average cost of LASIK eye surgery is consistent from one region of the nation to another. For some people, the newer technology is worth the increase in price.

Be sure that the price you are quoted includes everything you will need for the surgery. Otherwise you may find a few surprise bills that appear in your mailbox after the surgery or when you need to go for follow up care. You should know what you are paying for before writing any checks or signing any paperwork. You will appreciate that you took the time to find this information before the surgery so that you are not surprised by bills.

Newer technology will cost you more. If your doctor uses the technology that allows him to cut the flap in your eye with a laser instead of a knife, the surgery will cost more. If he uses wavefront technology to map your cornea, it is going to cost more. Each of these technologies can add an additional cost of two to five hundred dollars for each eye, so you could easily add two thousand dollars to the overall cost of LASIK eye surgery just by adding these two technologies.

A word to the wise, some laser eye surgery centers may advertise very low prices, but require additional services that will cost your more than the advertised fee. In fact, you may find that their fees add up to more than a doctor with a much better reputation down the street. Other surgeons have a advertised price that only includes minimal correction to the eyes. Most people seeking LASIK need more than a minimal correction, so the fee can be much more than that advertised. Do not forget, you always have the option of seeking a second opinion.

Sometimes the surgeon charging the lower fee lacks the experience of the more expensive surgeons. Find out why his fee is less than everyone else.

Just because you choose the most expensive surgeon is also no guarantee that your surgeon is the best either. Be sure that you check out the LASIK surgeon you are planning to use. Seek the recommendation of friends and family ass well as your optometrist and your family doctor. Take the time to check the records of complaints against the surgeon with your state medical board.

Average Cost Of LASIK Eye Surgery

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Since many insurance plans will not cover elective surgeries such as LASIK, everyone considering the operation is looking for the average cost of LASIK eye surgery. The good news is that prices today remain affordable for many people, even those who will not have any help from an insurance policy.

First, there are some things you just have to know when comparing prices for eye surgery. For starters, the quotes you receive will always be for just one eye. That means it will double if you are going to have both eyes done at the same time, as most people do.

Second, the exact amount you end up paying may not be the same as what someone else will pay if they go to the same doctor on the same day as you. This is because the doctor has to look at your eyes and determine how much correction needs to be done and how much care you are likely to need after the surgery. This goes into the final decision on price for individual surgeries.

This is the fine print behind those ads that promise super low prices for LASIK surgery. They are quoting the one eye cost for someone who needs very little correction.

There also tends to be great fluctuations in average LASIK prices in different areas of the country and even from one doctor to another within the same geographical location. In general, areas where LASIK is more in demand will have higher prices than areas where the consumer market is not as hot. So, LASIK eye surgery in Chicago would typically cost you more than a rural area, or smaller city.

Doctors also determine their personal rates, usually corresponding to their level of training and the amount of experience they have. You want to go to a licensed professional with some experience as they will have more knowledge as far as the best techniques to use during the surgery. This will bring better results in most cases.

Next, you can expect to pay more for a surgery that uses laser technology than you would for a basic surgery using a blade to cut around the eye. Laser surgeries are more popular today, but they are also just slightly more expensive.

Additionally, there are usually extra expenses if you want more advanced technology, such as Wavefront LASIK which increases the accuracy of the procedure.

So, what exactly are we looking at for average prices in 2009? Luckily, the average cost of LASIK eye surgery is very similar to what they were a year ago.

In general, expect to pay about $2, 000 per eye for LASIK eye surgery. If you have basic blade tool surgery and do not need extensive correction, you price could fall quite a bit below this figure. If you need a lot of correction, will need extensive care after the surgery, or want a Wavefront, all laser procedure, you could pay a bit over this price.

This is an average cost of LASIK eye surgery for the entire country, so depending where you live, the exact provider you select, and the details of your surgery, your price could fall higher or even lower than this figure.